da sinistra a destra – Bun Rosa, Nguon Raksmey Mutta, Sit Vannsnavy, Kin Tunsatevy, Kheng Dalin.

Vorremmo presentarvi Ngoun Reaksmey Mutta. Da tre anni è studentessa presso il DPO (Department of Prosthetics and Orthotics) in Cambogia e ha una borsa di studio di mine-ex.

Nel rapporto semestrale di giugno 2020 Chuon Saroth, direttrice del DPO la descrive come una donna giovane, intelligente e piena di energia. Aiuta i suoi compagni di classe se necessario ed è sempre presente volontariamente quando è necessario fare qualcosa.

I suoi risultati professionali sono eccellenti:

Ha superato l’esame semestrale nell’ottobre 2019 con 86% su una media di classe del 73%. E nel giugno ’20 ha superato l’esame semestrale con 82% su una media di classe del 70%.

Ngoun è molto felice e grata di aver ricevuto questa borsa di studio da mine-ex! Legga di persona ciò che ci ha scritto via e-mail il 13 novembre 2020:

Dear sir/ madam,

I’m so glad to write you this letter, and I’m doing well, what about you? During this pandemic everyone was having a tough time and so do I. I have never experienced online class before but I can say there were both pros and cons about. I had the problem with internet connection sometime and most of the activities in this field needs a practical work to be more understandable. In contrast, I have gotten the chance to explore new social medias and technologies which is very beneficial. Nowadays I’m working on my clinical placement because the government only close the school part. I have already delivered 15 devices among 27 devices. I was having a great time with my patient and other staff in the clinic. Moreover, I have already taken mock exam on 28-October- 2020 and it made me know that I still have some parts to develop and reinforce. At the same time, I have to take precautions on top of COVID-19 and it’s quite challenging for me. No matter what happen, I still keep going in with what I do and never say never. On 25- November-2020 I will have a state exam which include pathology, anatomy physiology and Prosthetic& Orthotics. I will try my best to do it by using my knowledge from 1st year to 4th year. Finally, I’m wishing you all the best and avoid the viruses and stay safe all the time.

Lots of love and prayers,
Nguon Raksmey Mutta
13 November 2020

Mutta is fitting the Transtibial Prosthesis on the client

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