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SECRET HEART® “Candleof Love” is more than a tealight: It is a symbol of the most beautiful moments with a loved one. It is also more than a gift: It is a cooperation project of the mine-ex foundation. With every purchase, CHF 10.- go to the mine-ex foundation.

You can order the tealightsfor your loved ones or make a club campaign. How about:

  • a boothat the Christmas market
  • a Valentines campaign in the club
  • customer gifts for companies
  • a gift to your employees
  • etc.

If you or your club would like to do a promotion, please use the attached forms.

A noble sense of time

The pandemic affects many sectors of our society and unfortunately does not spare the most disadvantaged.

With this in mind, I wanted to launch a project whose scope is certainly beyond the scope of my club, RC Les Reussilles.The company Norkom Formation SA, based in Montfaucon, in the heart of the Franches-Montagnes, has created four watch models, including two models for children.

Smartphone for mine-ex

Thursday 20. January 2022

There are an estimated 5 million unused smartphones and tablets (e.g., iPad) in Swiss cupboards and drawers. Yet they represent a great value: The material value of these devices alone (including 200 kg of gold, 1360 kg of silver and 66,000 kg of copper) amounts to approximately CHF 30 million. In cooperation with the company RS Switzerland in Fribourg, we want to bring the idledevices back to life and turn them into money for the mine-ex foundation.